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•  Sherry is an actress, writer, and producer.  She recently finished a dramatic short film, Perspectives, which she wrote, produced and acted in.  Perspectives tells the story of the relationship between Miriam (played by Brenda Kamino) , a 60 years old mother and her only daughter, Victoria (played by Sherry Hsu), hit rock bottom when Miriam continued to seek help from a psychic for her medical condition.  It is currently going through film festival circuits.  Coincidentally, the film was shot on Mother's day.

•  When Sherry is not acting or creating, you can find her in the local ice cream shops, or somewhere in a forrest.  

•  Sherry speaks English, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Taiwanese.  She thought of being a quadruple secret agent before immersing herself in the acting industry.

•  Sherry studied commerce at University of Toronto before changing direction to acting.

•  She's got two adorable nephews.  If anyone tries to hurt them, she will be doing some serious damage with her muay thai skills.